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LabVIEW 2011 General Example VI for DS Oscillscopes

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2016 04:46PM PST
DS4000/DS6000 LabVIEW Demo VI Instructions

Download the files for this example here.

 We created DS4_DS6000_Demo.VI to allow users  to remotely program Rigol DS4000 and DS6000 Oscilloscopes. It is built using LabVIEW 2011 and utilizes National Instruments VISA for communication over USB.
The program allows users to configure the Rigol scope and collect data. User's ca select a VISA resource, channel, timebase, and vertical scale. This information is then downloaded to the scope and the data can be retrieved, graphed, and stored.
1.    Connect power cord to instrument
2.    Connect USB cord to instrument and PC. The PC should recognize the DMM and notify you that a new Test and Measurement Device (IVI) has been connected
3.    Connect the scope to the circuit or device of interest 
4.    Run the VI by pressing the LabVIEW Run arrow in the upper menu bar. 
5.    Select the instrument of interest from the VISA Resource Name Drop down
6.    Select the channel of interest, timebase, and vertical scale appropriate for your signal:
7.    Download the configuration to the instrument. Alternately, you can use the AUTOSET to automatically configure the scope for the incoming signal of interest. 
8.    When you are ready to collect data, press Push To Run. 
This will continually collect data from the scope until it is pressed again. 
9.    Once you have captured the data of interest, press Push To Pause and then Export Data to save the data to a TXT file on the clipboard. 
If you have Excel, the program will also save a copy of the data to Excel. 
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