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Enabling max Record mode Frames

Last Updated: Jan 11, 2016 02:12PM PST
DS2, DS4, and DS6000 Demo: Enabling maximum record frames

The DS2000, DS4000, and DS6000 series of scopes have powerful record and playback feature capable of capturing many frames of data. 
With all instruments, data size is the key. Longer single event record lengths include more data per trace and less total frames available. Smaller trace data sizes will yield more available frames. This is analogous to storing pictures on a memory stick.  If the picture sizes are larger, you can't fit as many onto the same drive size.

1.    From Factory Defaults (Press Storage > Defaults)
2.    Press Acquire > MemDepth should be set to AUTO
3.    Press Utility > Record Mode > Mode Record
4.    The Total Frames indicates the largest number of frames that can be collected with the acquisition depth and horizontal time scale selected. 

5.    To achieve the maximum number of frames available, set the MemDepth to AUTO and then set the horizontal time scale to 50ns/div or smaller.
NOTE: You can use the large outer video dial to increment or decrement the End Frame value quickly. You can use the inner video dial to increment or decrement in smaller steps. 
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