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4000 Series vertical offset adjustment speed

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2018 10:30AM PDT
In October 2017 a firmware revision for the 4000 Series Oscilloscopes was released numbered:


It appears on the instrument as FW 00.02.03SP1

This update applies to all 4000 Series Oscilloscopes including DS4000, MSO4000, and DS4000E.

One of the additions to this firmware was to add the capability to quickly adjust the vertical channel offset. This makes it possible to jump more quickly if your offset needs to be well off the display. This new setting is enabled by default and connected to the Volts/Div setting in each channel menu. When the Volts/Div is set to 'coarse' the offset now moves quickly up and down the display. This setting also effects the ranging on that channel. As before, in 'coarse' mode, the range changes in a traditional 1-2-5 adjustment.

In 'fine' mode, the range setting and the offset both move slowly making it possible to optimize the settings on the display. In 'fine' mode the channel offset operates in the traditional manner moving more precisely up and down the display.

The Volts/Div setting is the 2nd menu item from the bottom right on the first page of any of the channel menus. It can be changed by pushing the button next to it when the menu is active. 

If you find that you prefer the setting in 'fine' mode you can use the Utility menu. In the Utility -> System menu set Power On to 'Last'. In this mode, any setting including Volts/Div will stay the way you used it last after a reboot.
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