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Software Control of UltraVision II Oscilloscopes

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019 04:03PM PST
There are several methods for easily controlling and interfacing with UltraVision II Oscilloscopes including the MSO5000 and MSO7000 models.

Often, the simplest method is to connect the instrument via Ethernet and open a web browser to the device.

Simply open a URL to the IP address and a page like this will come up:

The 2 important options are the Print Screen capability and the Web Control function.

Web control requires a username and password that is shown on the instrument's LAN settings popup.

Enter that into the web page to access complete web control.

The interface looks exactly like the front panel display. Use the mouse on the web page as you would the touch screen. Buttons on the right and the touch menu in the lower left allow you to access all of the instrument's functions via the web control:

The web interface is the easiest way to remotely control the instrument and from there you can save data to the instrument or USB drives attached to it, but the web control does not enable data transfer directly to the PC.

For this we use UltraSigma, RIGOL's communication toolkit.

Download and install the following packages in order:


Select files for your instruments:
MSO5000 UltraSigma Update
7000 UltraSigma Update


Once these are installed you can communicate with the instrument over USB or Ethernet.

The main interface for UltraSigma now gives you the options to execute a print screen from the instrument, to use SCPI Panel Control to send commands and retrieve data and to open UltraScope:

In SCPI Control enter commands from the programming manual to fully utilize the scope capabilities including pulling segments of the deep memory directly to the PC like this:

UltraScope is a full PC based interface that lets you analyze the displayed and deep memory data as well as saving the displayed data directly to the PC:

Web Control, Print Screen, and SCPI connections to the instrument make it possible to access all instrument channels. UltraScope only accessed the analog channel data.

With complete web control and UltraScope control software for the PC as well as the ability to save data, setups, and more to the instrument itself as well as USB drives the UltraVIsion II platform offers a number of easy methods for interfacing with the instrument in addition to remote control via a programming language.

UltraVision II Oscilloscopes also offer HDMI output and mouse control standard for remote applications that are primarily visual including education and training. 

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