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How to Setup SPI Serial Decode on UltraVisionII Oscilloscopes

Last Updated: May 29, 2019 12:43PM PDT
To set up SPI Decode on one of the UltraVision II oscilloscopes you first have to set up the correct serial trigger before setting up SPI Decode.

Trigger Setup

To do this press the Menu button in the Trigger Section on the front panel of the instrument.  Change the Trigger type to be SPI and then set the correct channel for each of the different SPI communication lines.  Note that CS can also be changed so that the instrument uses timeout instead of the CS line.

Decode Setup

With the SPI Trigger already setup press the Decode button on the instrument and then select one of the four decode buses that you would like to use.  Next select the decode type to be SPI and then press Copy Trig, next press source and adjust the different channel thresholds so that the threshold is set to be in the middle of the channels.  Next press back and then press mode and set the CS threshold so that it is in the middle of the signal.  Press back and then turn on the Bus Status this will then have the instrument start to decode the signal, if you are not seeing a decoded signal that you may need to adjust the horizontal scaling until the instrument is showing the decoded signal.

Different Display Options and the Event Table

The UltraVision II oscilloscopes allow the user to change the format of the displayed decoded signal.  To do this press display and then format at this point you can change the format setting between HEX, Dec, Bin and ASCII. 

Another way to view the signal is with the event table, you can turn this on in the display menu.  Within the event table you are also able to change displayed signal format and you can change display type between packet, detail and a payload view. 
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